The Law of Highsec

Author: Rabe Raptor
First published: c. 2015

*Ignorance of the law is no excuse to break it; lack of knowledge of the Law only demonstrates a capsuleer who is actively out of touch with his community, an intolerable trait among responsible citizens.*

Major Infractions:

1. Botting
"The miners are bots. The miners are quite literally less than human. They deserve to be wiped out, every last one of them. To the extent that they still feel anything, it should only be fear, humiliation, and misery." -James 315, Manifesto 1 (December 2011)

Botting is the most serious infraction a capsuleer can commit. This is the only EULA violation that overlaps with New Order enforcement, as it is unrealistic for CCP to catch all players engaged in such activities. Some characteristics of a bot fleet may include but are not limited to: identical ship fits, bot-like naming scheme (miner1, miner2, miner3, etc...), lack of response to attempted player interactive (convo's, attacks) while performing in-game actions such as switching mining laser targets or catching warp, reported intelligence of irregular behavior, etc... Such fleets can be miner fleets, freighter fleets, incursion fleets, mission fleets, or any other form of ISK income that can be botted.

The Law
1A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using bot programs.

Agent Procedure
New Order agents that come upon obvious bot fleets will make an immediate attempt to vaporize as many of the bot ships as possible. Grouping with additional agents to inflict maximum damage is encouraged. Further reporting of bot-like activity to CCP is also heavily encouraged. Any permit holder(s) engaged in such activities may have their permit(s) revoked at the discretion of the agent, since a pledge to follow the Law of Highsec is invalidated if the Law is subsequently violated.

2. Bot-Aspirancy

"People just automatically assume they're 'safe' in highsec, then get annoyed when they lose a ship because of their own lack of spatial awareness." -CCP Falcon, 2014

Bot-aspirancy is nearly as serious as botting, and is responsible for the majority of ISK inflation. Though the scale varies, the crime is always defined the same: playing away from keyboard/client. To quote straight from The Code: "[capsuleers] should strive not only to avoid botting, but to avoid even the appearance of botting."  This is especially important because as mentioned in the preface and foundation to the Law, criminal identification must be streamlined if the Law is to be reasonably applied to the whole of the region. The best way a capsuleer can prove he is at his keyboard/client working diligently for his ISK is to greet agents as they enter local and warp away if he notices incoming agents on his D-scan. Failure to do so may be interpreted as being away from keyboard/client. Similarly, autopiloting or remaining on gate or in space AFK is suspiciously bot-aspirant behavior and is forbidden. Bottom line: if a capsuleer needs to step away from his client, he should dock up.

The Law
2A. Capsuleers are prohibited from Mining AFK. This includes the appearance of mining AFK by the aforementioned parameters.
2B. Capsuleers are prohibited from Hauling AFK. This includes the appearance of hauling AFK by the aforementioned parameters.
2C. Capsuleers are prohibited from AFK PVE Combat. This includes running missions AFK by the aforementioned parameters.
2D. Capsuleers are prohibited from Loitering AFK while in Space.
2E. Capsuleers are prohibited from autopiloting.

Agent Procedure
After reasonable efforts have been taken to determine whether a potential bot-aspirant is vigilantly following the Law or whether snoozing at the helm, agents will make an immediate attempt to vaporize as many guilty ships as is possible. Grouping with additional agents to inflict maximum damage is encouraged.  Any permit holder(s) engaged in such activities may have their permit(s) revoked at the discretion of the agent, since a pledge to follow the Law of Highsec is invalidated if the Law is subsequently violated. It is also highly recommended that the agent conduct a follow-up with the capsuleer to brief him of the events that took place after the gank is conducted. This can be done in the form of mail or convo.

3. Illegal Income
"Just so there is no confusion, every freighter and jump freighter found in highsec without a mining permit is subject to immediate termination. Yes, even if the freighter is empty. Yes, even if it's not anti-tanked. Yes, even if the pilot is at his keyboard. Get a permit." -James 315, June 2014

Players who do not appear to be bot-aspirant but do not possess a valid permit are in clear violation of the Law. While their actions may not be as despicable as the bot-aspirant, they have made the process of streamlining law enforcement impossible. Following are the forms of illegal income:

The Law
3A. Capsuleers are prohibited from participating in mining without a permit.
3B. Capsuleers are prohibited from participating in hauling without a permit.
3C. Capsuleers are prohibited from participating in PVE Combat without a permit.

Agent Procedure
Agents encountering illegal mining, hauling, or PVE combat will immediately decommission the illegal equipment in use. A follow-up is strongly recommended to remind the capsuleer of the Law of Highsec and to try and sell a permit. At the discretion of the agent, if a gankee shows violent hostility after being ganked that does not quickly subside, he may be reported as a potential White Knight and marked for future corrective actions. Note that once a criminal is caught mid-crime, he cannot purchase a permit to save himself from impending punitive actions. He must purchase before he is caught. Once he is punished, he will be allowed to atone by purchasing a permit and becoming compliant.

4. Opposition to the Law of Highsec ("White Knights")

"Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear to the humans who mine in highsec: We suicide gankers will make no distinction between the botters and those who harbor them." -James 315, Manifesto 1 (December 2011)

While most capsuleers make the pledge to oppose botting and bot-aspirancy, there will always be those who dissent and rebel against authority. These individuals would rather Highsec be a chaotic anarchy where bots are allowed to mine freely and the economy becomes completely unsustainable, thus ruining the assets of the hard-working majority. Such infidels may display their hatred of justice and order by the following attempted actions:

The Law
4A. Capsuleers are prohibited from station camping New Order Agents. This includes at the agent's undock to prevent him from warping to target, or at the agent's dock to attempt to destroy his capsule.
4B. Capsuleers are prohibited from protecting known criminals. This includes by aggressing an agent openly in space or by repairing known criminals via logistics.
4C. Capsuleers are prohibited from slandering the CODE, New Order, or Law of Highsec. This includes twisting or misrepresenting information in attempts to convert innocent bystanders to criminally violent or insurgent perspectives. This can occur in any in-game chat, or in forum or channel outside of client.

Agent Procedure
While there are ways to avoid White Knights and still deliver justice to the guilty (via insta-undocks, insta-docks, etc.), it is encouraged to occasionally remind them that the New Order is (and always will be) more powerful than they are. Those with justice and righteousness on their side have always had to sometimes stomp those with the will to oppress and destroy order. No White Knight who takes violent action against an agent or slanders the CODE, New Order, or Law of Highsec, is allowed to purchase a permit until they have sufficiently repented their ways, at the discretion of the agent. Furthermore, such White Knights should be reported to CODE. Alliance diplomats so their standing can be set to negative for future destruction.

NOTE: The attempt to "whore" on agents alongside CONCORD to gain bounty or a killmail, while frowned upon, is not considered White Knighting if the intent to disrupt the gank does not exist and if the "whoring" does not interfere with Law enforcement. The agent may still retaliate at their discretion though, and does so within their rights as a free capsuleer if they so choose to.

5. Highsec Terrorism
"I am Invincible and am afraid of nothing." - James 315, The New Halaima Code of Conduct

Occasionally an insurgent will go below and beyond and enter into a new tier of criminal behavior. This includes any attempts to subvert the New Order at the strategic level through espionage or other methods, the attempt to gather White Knights into an organized resistance, or anything else deemed critically threatening to overall health of Highsec.

The Law
5A. Capsuleers are prohibited from subverting the New Order
5B. Capsuleers are prohibited from organizing resistance to the New Order.
5C. Capsuleers are prohibited from threatening the sanctity and health of Highsec.

Agent Procedure
If capsuleers are deemed to be too dangerous to handle with individual ganking tactics, it may be necessary to "Go Nuclear" and refer their case to the New Order Ghosts for immediate and utter destruction.

Minor Infractions:

6. Unauthorized Anchoring

"Lately there's been a trend of New Order Agents destroying unlicensed POS equipment in our territory [...]  if you wish to do business in highsec, please make sure you get your paperwork in order." - James 315, September 2014

Anchoring objects in space without a permit can only contribute to bot aspirancy. There is no good reason a capsuleer should engage in such activities without seeking approval from an official New Order agent.

The Law
6A. Capsuleers are prohibited from anchoring player-owned-stations (or POS for short) without a valid permit.
6B. Capsuleers are prohibited from anchoring mobile units such as (but not limited to): Mobile Depots, Mobile Tractor Units, etc.

Agent Procedure
Agents who encounter illegally-anchored devices should attempt to decommission the equipment and confiscate any contents found inside.

7. Profane Language

"Keep local clean. Miners should be courteous in local and should refrain from the use of profanity." - James 315, June 2012

Eve Online is a family-friendly environment and polluting the public channels with obscenities and filth is contrary to the order, peace, and harmony required of the Peoples of New Eden. Even if it is not slanderous to the New Order (See Subsection 4), it is harmful.

The Law
7A. Capsuleers are prohibited from using offensive, sexually-suggestive, or obscene language in public chat channels.
7B. Capsuleers are prohibited from linking external sites containing the aforementioned properties in public chat channels.

Agent Procedure
Agents who encounter capsuleers using profane language should warn the offender in local to keep it clean. Further violations should result in a petition quoting the offender's inappropriate logs.

The Law does not replace or alter any part of the New Halaima Agreement; rather it is an addendum. Times change and so we, the followers of James 315, also evolve to match the ever-changing landscape of Highsec and to meet all the challenges that bots and bot-aspirants present.


          "A journey of a thousand miles
          begins with a single step."

                              -Some guy from those books with inspirational quotes

Hello, and welcome to The Voice of Highsec. My name is Salah ad-Din al-Jawahiri, and I am an Agent and Knight of the New Order of Highsec and its Supreme Protector, James 315, praised be his name, and an enforcer of the New Halaima Code of Conduct. It is my pleasure to see you here.

Obligatory portrait of James 315

Now that we’ve observed the protocol and got proper introductions out of the way, let me take a moment to explain what this thing is all about.

This blog and its first post are the result of great toil and lengthy procrastination on my part. Long overdue, too, because the idea was hanging in the air since last November, when Ascension finally hit the game. For the better part of my time in EVE, I have been a member of New Order Logistics, the oldest surviving corp of the CODE. alliance, which was initially designed as a way for our Agents to receive ganking Catalysts by means of contracts from third-party suppliers in any part of highsec. The concept never took off (it was easier for Agents to source their own gear according to their needs), but NOL stayed anyway, only to become the entry level ganking corp. Unlike our brothers in the legendary The Conference Elite, who have always been nothing less than extraordinary achievers, our corp is a more laid-back, casual, and roleplay-centered place with some of the finest keepers of the Code’s traditions at its core.

Quite a few players have performed their first ganks under my supervision. Some of them have become very prominent Agents and are now staging their own freighter fleets. Of course, with their drive to succeed, they would have done just fine without me, but I like to know that I’ve done my part. Whoever came to me, I helped them all. And yet, I still knew that ganking was not for everyone, not with the high entry barrier when compared to most other activities. Besides, other players’ trial or subscription time was not infinite, so I didn’t feel that it was a right thing to push people into actively saving highsec unless they had sufficient commitment.

It all changed with Ascension. With EVE going free-to-play, players have got a capability to create an infinite number of free accounts and use them at no cost until the end of times. And now it is my strong conviction that every conscientious highsec dweller (or any other EVE player, for that matter) must have a ganking alt at their disposal, since there are now zero reasons for anyone not to take a minute of their time to create a brand-new character without even having to compromise their existing characters and activities.

Unfortunately, all those who are new to the world of EVE Online are extremely susceptible to the ignorance of the general public about the New Order, bumping, and ganking. To make things worse, the public forums and chats are more often than not dominated by the kind of people who will be telling you complete nonsense with a straight face, while the more knowledgeable folks are usually more reserved in their judgment or simply are too busy actually playing the game. As enough people get trapped by those misconceptions, the myth about highsec ganking starts to propagate itself, bringing great harm to the community: people get too scared to undock their industrials and mining barges, to learn the game and, eventually, to log in at all. After all, if highsec is as cutthroat as all the defeatist anti-gankers claim it to be, then what are EVE’s less hospitable regions going to be like? What’s the point of getting better and exploring the game any further if all the established players will go out of their way to prevent you from succeeding?

In all honesty, with all the potential harm that these lies can deal to the playerbase, the GMs should punish them just like obscene language and real-life death threats. “But, Salah”, you’ll say, “when anti-gankers use obscene language and death threats, they don’t get punished for either!” Damn right, friends, so, once again, the New Order has to take the matter in their own hands. For years, we have been working hard to make the Code as comprehensible for all categories of players as possible, Rabe Raptor’s insightful “The Law of Highsec” page and Sasha Nemtsov’s brilliant voiceovers as just a couple of examples. Understandably, not everyone can study the lore of the New Order in its entirety overnight, so these condensed materials help to bring the Code closer to the people. In this blog, I will focus on systematizing the knowledge about highsec ganking for newer players and everyone else who could benefit from a comprehensive guide on the subject, both in order to get into ganking themselves and avoid getting ganked. I might also use it to post my own musings and observations about highsec, bot-aspirancy, and the Code. And tears, of course, since not everything I send ends up on the Minerbumping blog.

Why Livejournal, of all places? The answer is, I suck balls at web design. Even a single glimpse of HTML template editors makes me feel that highsec mining would be a more engaging task. Yes, I said that. Would have never believed it myself if I hadn't tried it. Hence, this dinosaur of a blogging platform. If you can help with a better alternative, feel free to do it, but don’t expect me to pay for your trouble.

And, of course, I’m leaving the comment section open to everyone as a free ground for discussions and shitposting, just the way it’s done by the Saviour. Our Agents never shy away from a debate – after all, why should we if we are always right?

I really hope that we all will have a really great time here and in the game together. Until our next meeting, and fly compliant o7

-- S.